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Super Defense Force (Derp Test)
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Save the world from under the attack of deadly robot army! 3 characters to smash the face and bring the justice. Control with S,D,F and Arrow Key buttons. Survive as long as you can, and get the highest of scores. (Derp Test) version is prequel to real game to get feedback before making big mistakes. If you do not have a membership, you can put feedback on ASV Headquarters: http://z10.invisionfree.com/ASV_Forums/index.php?showtopic=155 no sign-up required. ------------------------------- ?ป???‹????ญ?????™?????†›?????„?‡??‘??”ป?‡ป??„??–?•???? 3????ญ—?ฌฆ ??‰?????„?„??????ถ????ญ???‰?ˆ‚??ง??ถ???S???D???F?’??ฎญ ?…??”ฎ??‰?’ฎ?ˆ‚?”??ญ????????ฆ??? ????????ถ??ท??—??—??†??ˆ?ซ??ˆ‚ ????ป‘?????„?ฎ??????‰?‰???ฌ????‰??? ??—??ฐ????ญ???„???????‰?????‡??›???” ?คง?”™????ˆ‚?ฆ‚????? ?????‰??ˆ???????‘?????? ????ป????????ฆ??„??ง? ASV??„?ˆป??????http://z10.invisionfree.com/ASV_Forums/index.php??? showtopic= 155?????‰??„????†??ฆ??ฑ‚?ˆ‚
F = Jump D = Attack type A S = Attack type B P/Shift = Pause >> = Dash; possible in midair <+S/D = Back Attack S/D))) = Hold to charge attack
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    garage3oil (12) - Aug 2 2017, 04:36
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    urgu22 (54) - Jul 3 2012, 07:14
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